Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My reflection on Mrs. Cindy Sheehan

Let me preface what I am about to say with this: I have all empathy in the world for Mrs. Cindy Sheehan and her tragic loss. I can't imagine the magnitude of a mother' sorrow over a lost child. Casey Sheehan, her son, died a hero's death. He volunteered for military service, knowing the cost and dangers for committing himself for service. He paid the ultimate price for defending others' safety and freedom.

But I am afraid that Mrs. Sheehan, in her moments of intense grief and sorrow, has made some impulsive decisions. From her appearances with Michael Moore to her many anger-drenched demonstrations, she risks losing the grace and moral superiority of being a hero's mother. She has unknowingly put her son's death in the forefront of political controversy. Casey is now the dart board for partisan debate and the target for mudslinging for extremes both the left and right. I hardly think that this is what Casey would have wanted: would he like to be remembered for dying a hero's death, or for being at the center of political quagmire?

If I could talk to Mrs. Sheehan now, I would say this: as much sorrow as she has exprienced, never let her sadness and anger overshaddow her son's heoric sacrifice, and the beautiful life he had lived.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why don't you stop judging other people? let the woman do what she wants. why don't you go over there? you just need to shut up

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Ben said...

Why don't you, anonymous at 9:48P, shut up instead? This is Alison's blog and she has the right to say whatever she wants. If you don't like it, move the F#%* on and stfu urself. Or are you forgetting what country we're living in and the rights afforded its citizens?? I happen to agree with Alison's opinion on the subject matter. Let's face it, war has been and always will be here to stay as long as humans continue to exist on earth. In a world with limited resources and a growing population, war is inevitable. And if you're gonna tell someone to shut up, you better come out and say it to their face and not be such a pussy by posting such cowardly comments online anonymously. Possessing one doesn't privy you to be one. Get a life you cunt.

10:32 PM  
Blogger wheresmymind said...

First off...Ben, relax dude...only a mild cyberflame...nothing that person said warrented you using the "C" word (even though you may be British?)'s different here in the States, especially when referring to a woman.

I just think Cindy has lost her mind. Everyone has the right to protest, but when she demands the immediate withdrawl of ALL troops from Iraq, she has no concept or empathy for the mess we've made over there. I mean..who cares if an entire country plunges into anarchy and civil war, right? It's our mess and it's very short sighted to say we should just leave and that's what she has been preaching.

4:37 AM  

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