Thursday, January 05, 2006


Say no to diets and exercise regimens. To eat more carbs in the forms of crepes and canolies. To buy an out-of-print book and read it in my bed. To buy an original recording LP and listen to it in the dark. To wear more skirts, silks, and anything hopleless feminine that makes me look unprofessional. To realize that my time is finite, but the fact thrills more than it chills. To smile more to strangers on the T and at Trader Joe's because life is too short to be bitter. To understand that some one is not evil even though he or she lies and hurts others - sometimes we can't help it, and we are but rough drafts of ourselves full of mistakes and cliches. To sit on the floor and use the acrylics and the sketch book I got three years ago. To learn to be angry for once and ask for what I deserve. To do something new everyday. To dance more even if the beat is aweful and the club ain't happening. To ask for forgiveness - two people comes to mind. When I get into the hospital, don't hurt of kill anyone. Now for things that I wish I have control over: let there be fewer broken hearts, fewer hurt feelings, and no one wakes up in middle of the night wondering how can he (she) do this?. More bear hugs and massages and cheesy post-it note messages and all the other good things that people give to each other. Let everyone in my life find that someone who's makes him smile every time he thinks of her; let everyone, after a long, cold, hard day, have someone to go home to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is beautifully written. I suggest you send it to some newspapers or magazines to share with more people.
It is very well done!

8:48 AM  

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